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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shanna's Wedding Jewelry Part II - The Final Wedding Day Pictures

Shanna and Alex Tubbs
This post has been a long time coming!  But no more excuses.  It's here now.  I have several pictures I want to share of the handmade wedding jewelry I made for one of my most favorite bridal customers, Kris Schmitz. She's actually the mother of the bride, but this was the second time she contacted me, to make her second daughter's wedding jewelry.  Originally she contacted me in 2012 to make the wedding jewelry for her other daughter, Shayla, for her wedding.  See that post here...

And so this past year, in 2013, Shayla's sister, Shanna, was getting married and again her mother, Kris, contacted me to make Shanna's wedding jewelry, to which I gladly accepted!  Her bridal jewelry included sets for 7 bridesmaids, 1 matron of honor, 2 flower girls, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and of course the beautiful wedding bridal jewelry for the bride herself, Shanna.
Here is the beautiful bride, Shanna... :)

Shanna Schmitz Tubbs
Check out the first post I wrote on this subject, with pictures of the pearls and jewelry sets I made before shipping them off to be worn by the bride and her bridal party for her big day!

So this post contains the actual wedding pictures from Shanna's wedding, that she posted on her Facebook page, and told me that I am allowed to use them, but just to reference her wedding photographer.  I am only using just a few of the many beautiful photos that were taken on her beautiful wedding day at Flathead Lake in Lakeside, Montana.  So, without further delay, I present to you the following wedding pictures from Shanna's wedding day, courtesy of Treehouse Photography (

First up, we have Shanna's jewelry... Shanna wore a multi-strand white pearl necklace, made with 4 strands of different sizes of white Swarovski crystals pearls, and the closure was a sterling silver lobster clasp with an extension chain and pearl dangle connected, to allow for extra length.

Shanna also wore mint green pearls on sterling silver post earrings and her bracelet was a multi-strand (3-strand) pearl bracelet, made with mint green glass pearls and white Swarovski pearls in various sizes.  Closure for bracelet was also a sterling silver lobster clasp with extension chain and pearl dangle.

Adorable Shanna and Alex!
Shanna and Alex
Shanna’s bridesmaids all wore multi-strand pearl necklaces with mint green pearls and 2 shades of coral/orange pearls, with a sterling silver lobster clasp and an extension chain with pearl dangle, along with mint green pearl post sterling silver earrings.  Her MOH (matron of honor), who is also her sister – Shayla, also wore a multi-strand pearl bracelet, with the 3 shades of pearls as in the necklace, but with various sizes.  Below is a picture of Shanna and her sister, Shayla - don't they look absolutely gorgeous?!!  :)  Also a picture of Shayla putting Shanna's earrings on.

Shayla putting on Shanna's post earrings
Shanna and Shayla
Shanna and her girls
Alex with the bridesmaids
Below is a picture of Shanna with her sister and their parents - I love this picture!  And then there is a beautiful picture of Shanna and her mother, Kris.  Kris also wore a multi-strand mint green and orange pearl bracelet and pearl dangle earrings.
Shanna with her family
Shanna and her mother

Below... Shanna with her 2 flower girls, each wearing a multi-strand pearl bracelet - just like the bridesmaids, but with 2 strands instead of 3 strands.

Shanna with her flower girls

Shanna's mom and dad holding hands - how sweet! :)
Mom and Dad.. Awww!

The happy couple sailing off... :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

101 Free Wedding Printables Courtesy of Everything Etsy

Just wanted to share a blog post I recently discovered from a wonderful website I love to read,

For those of you who are planning a wedding, or know of someone who is getting married, please share. We can always use some help with cutting the costs of wedding expenses!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Valerie's Wedding Jewelry

This is a custom bridal order I designed for Valerie from Massachusetts.  She wanted me to make jewelry sets for her 4 bridesmaids, 1 maid of honor, and 1 flower girl.  She wanted the Swarovski crystals to be a dark blue and then some ivory and/or dark blue pearls.  So I tried out a few different designs, using different colors and sizes of pearls, and we ended up going with Swarovski cream pearls, Swarovski Petrol blue pearls, and Montana blue crystals.

Here are some of my initial designs...


After some back-and-forth correspondence, Valerie was able to decide on the perfect designs for her bridal party members!  So for the bridesmaids, we decided on Swarovski cream pearls (2 sizes) and Montana blue crystals.

And for the flower girl, we decided on Swarovski cream pearls, Petrol blue pearls, and Montana blue crystals.  I just love this look!!

For the flower girl earrings, we decided on sterling silver posts with pearl and crystal dangles.  I offered 2 options, shown below, and Valerie decided on the one on the left, with 2 pearls and 1 crystal.  Just beautiful!  :)

For the maid of honor, Valerie wanted something a little different and unique, and decided on a double-strand pearl and crystal necklace and bracelet and fancier earrings, so I used teardrop pearls in the earrings. 

The double-strand pearl necklace and bracelet is made with Swarovski cream pearls and light Colorado topaz crystals.  I used 2-to-1 hole sterling silver connectors, which then attached to the heart-shaped lobster clasp, with chain extender and pearl/crystal dangle, which you can see in the pictures showing the back of the necklace.

And then, I had to take some pictures of all of the jewelry sets in their gift boxes...  :)

Thanks for reading...  Hopefully I'll get some wedding pictures from Valerie from the big day!!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nadine's Wedding

This was my first wedding jewelry order for 2013, but I was also pretty swamped with selling lots of beaded and chain ID badge lanyards, for the first few months of the year. And doing my business taxes also took up a lot of time... Lesson learned... Don't leave all the bookkeeping until a month before taxes are to be filed, but keep up with everything all through the year!!  LOL

Ok, so the following is Nadine's wedding. Nadine contacted me from New Zealand, a first for me as far as international bridal jewelry orders go. And I was thrilled to help her out! After some discussion, we decided on Comet Argent Swarovski crystals (clear on one side and silver on the other side) and Mystic Black and Dark Lapis Blue Swarovski pearls.  I also added an extension chain with pearl and crystal dangle for each bracelet.  Nadine asked me to make 4 sets for her bridesmaids.

I am hoping to hear back from her soon to hear how her wedding went, and to find out how her bridesmaids liked their jewelry and also to get some wedding pictures to post on here!  :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shanna's Wedding

So I created the wedding jewelry for a beautiful Montana girl named Shayla, last year, and you can see that post here...
Shayla's Wedding Jewelry

Well Shayla's mom, Kris Schmitz, contacted me this year and said that her other daughter, Shanna, is now getting married, and asked if I would create the wedding jewelry for her bridal party. I gladly accepted!!

The most difficult part of this order was determining the right colors, as Shanna wanted a mint green pearl, and two shades of orange, like a coral, or lighter orange. I was a little worried at first, not knowing if I would be able to find the right shades of orange and mint green that she wanted. So I looked through my stash of pearls and I did have some of these pearls and then ordered more in different sizes. We ended up using all of the colors of pearls shown below, except for the really bright orange, shown in the upper corner in both pics below.

And then, she wanted some pearl studs for her earrings. And for pearl stud earrings, the best kind of pearl to use is a half drilled pearl with a sterling silver post that has a small peg sticking out of the base, for the half drilled pearl to nicely fit in, along with some strong jewelry glue. Well, fortunately, after doing some searching online, I actually found a shop in the US that had these half drilled mint green pearls, and I didn't have to purchase a minimum of 1000 pearls!! I must admit I lucked out on that scenario.

So here are some designs I put together for the bridesmaids and for the mothers of the bride and groom... First up is the 3-strand pearl bracelet, that Shanna chose for her mom, the groom's mom, and Shayla, her matron of honor, to wear.

Shanna wanted a similar 3-strand bracelet for herself, but with Swarovski white pearls and mint green pearls combined. Wow, it turned out so pretty that I may just make one for myself!! Lol

Post pearl studs with mint glass half-drilled pearls, for all members of the bridal party, including the bride... Soooo cute!!

And here is the necklace that Shanna chose: a 4-strand pearl necklace made with all white Swarovski pearls, in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm pearls... I love it!! So elegant!!

 The back side of the bride's necklace. I used sterling silver 4-to-1 connectors and then an extender chain for adjusting or for a dangle in the back.

And then here are pictures of the bridesmaids' necklace, a 3-strand pearl necklace with the same colors of glass pearls used in the bracelets shown above...

For the flower girls, Shayla wanted a similar bracelet, but with just two strands and smaller sizes of pearls. So here is a pic of the one of the two flower girl bracelets...

And here are the finished jewelry sets in their chocolate brown gift boxes, ready to be shipped out to Shanna! :-)